Текст песни Billie Holiday - You've Changed

I've an awfully feellingThat this thought that's been a stealin thru my brainIs not to be ignoredBut to really tell the truthThough I'm not a well known sleuthI honestly believe that you are boredYou've changedThat sparkle in your eyes is goneYour smile is just a careless yawnYou're breaking my heartYou've changedYou've changed

Your kisses now are so blaseYou're bored with me in every wayI can't understandYou've changedYou've forgotten the words, "I love you"Each memory that we've sharedYou ignore every star above youI can't realize you've ever caredYou've changedYou're not the angel I once knewNo need to tell me what we're throughIt's all over nowYou've changed
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