Текст песни Billy Joel - Baby Grand

Late at nightWhen it's dark and coldI reach outFor someone to holdWhen I'm blueWhen I'm lonelyShe comes throughShe's the only one who canMy baby grandIs all I needIn my timeI've wandered everywhereAround this worldShe would always be thereAny dayAny hourAll it takesIs the power in my handsThis baby grand'sBeen good to meI've had friendsBut they slipped awayI've had fameBut it doesn't stayI've made fortunes

Spent them fast enoughAs for womenThey don't last with just one manBut baby grandWill stand by meThey say that no one's gonna play this on the radioThey said the melancholy blues were dead and goneBut only songs like thesePlayed in minor keysKeep those memories holding onI've come farFrom the life I strayed inI've got scarsFrom those dives I played inNow I'm homeAnd I'm wearyIn my bonesEvery dreary one night standBut baby grandCame home with meEver since this gig beganMy baby grand'sBeen good to me
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