Текст песни Björk - Blissing Me

[Verse 1:]All of my mouth was kissing himNow, into the air, I am missing himIs this excess texting a blessing?Two music nerds obsessing[Verse 2:]He reminds me of the love in meI'm celebrating on a vibrancySending each other MP3sFalling in love to a song[Verse 3:]This handsomest of wickermanHe asked if I could wait for himNow, how many lightyears this interimWhile I fall in love with his songs?[Verse 4:]His hands are good in protecting meTouching and caressing me

But would it be trespassingWanting him to be blissing meRobbing him of his youth?[Verse 5:]Cliffhanger like suspensionMy longing has formed its own skeletonBridging the gap between singletonsSending each others these songs[Verse 6:]The interior of these melodiesIs perhaps where we are meant to beOur physical union a fantasyI just fell in love with a song[Verse 7:]So, I reserve my own intimaciesI bundle them up in packagesMy woe and longing far too visceralDid I just fall in love with love?
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