Текст песни Björk - Body Memory

First snow of WinterI'm walking hills and valleysAdore this mystical fog!This fucking mist!These cliffs are just showing off!Then the body memory kicks inI mime my home mountainsThe moss that I'm made ofI redeem myselfI've been wrestling my fateDo I accept this ending?Will I accept my deathOr struggle claustrophobic?Fought like a wolverineWith my destinyRefuse to accept what was meant to beThen the body memory kicks inAnd I trust the unknownUnfathomable imaginationSurrender to futureOh, how to capture all this loveAnd find a pathway for itLike threading an ocean through a needleRiver through a keyholeCan't fathom the graspI can't grasp the fathomThen my body memory kicks inMy limbs and tongue take overLike the ancestors before meShow me the flowMy sexual DNA

X-rays of my Kama SutrasSummons different bodiesCompares spines and buttocksAnd back of necksThen my body memory kicks inIt simply takes overBeastialityI redeem my bodyI wasn't born urbanToxic doesn't agree with meLove lured me hereInto a stagnant stateMy myths, my customs, ridiculedVacuum packed moleculesThen my body memory kicks inOn this Brooklyn dance floorSweating with these rhythmsRotate this matrixAll trapped in legal harnessKafkaesqueFarce like patriarchyAvoided to confront itThen the body memory kicks inMy warrior awakensMy turn to defendUrban didn't tame meThen my body memory kicks inAll bosoms and embracesOral, anal entrancesEnjoy the satisfactionIf the other is growing
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