Текст песни Blake Shelton - Draggin' the river

Hey, baby I just asked your daddyIf I could take your handHe said, "Boy, over my dead body"Guess I ain't his kinda manBut I love you and you love meSo, baby I gotta planWe'll push my truck off of Red Top BridgeRight below the Jackson DamHey, they'll be draggin' the riverCatching nothing but an ol' catfishThey'll be draggin' the riverThat'll show that son of a bitchIt's been raining for the last two weeksSo the water's up good and highWe'll just wait 'til it's good n' lateSo there ain't nobody passing byI'll call my cousinHe'll pick us up an' take us to the Greyhound BusWe'll be standing in front of that preacherBy the time they're looking for usAnd they'll be draggin' the riverBut they ain't gonna find a thing

They'll be dragging the riverI'll be wearing me a diamond ringWe're gonna show 'emI know that it might sound crazyJust a little bit too extremeBut to get some of your sweet lovingBaby, I'd do anythingSooner or laterThey'll find my letter saying that we're alrightWe'll be rocking at the Red Roof InnThis time tomorrow nightAnd they'll be draggin' the riverSaying, "Lord, what a crying shame"They'll be draggin' the riverWe'll be running, they'll never see it comingThey'll be draggin' the riverThey'll be draggin' the riverBut they ain't gonna find a thingSorry about callin' your dad a son of a bitch earlierHey, do you think he'll still hire me?That thing's littleThe diamond, I mean
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