Текст песни Blake Shelton - Someday

If time has no beginning and if time has no endA billion years, a trillion years what thenIs infinity a circle an eternal loop?It can drive you crazy searching for the truthSomeday will we know all about it?Have no reason to doubt itSomedayBefore we were babiesThere's nothing we recall and when we go backWill it fade to black and that's all?Or could we be destined for some other time and place?And have we lived other lives our memories have erased?

Someday will we know all about it?Have no reason to doubt itSomedayWill we see Jesus coming as the sunshine fills the night?Or when we die will we fly into the light?Will we all be reunited with the ones who've gone away?And will we love each other the way we do today?I believeSomeday we'll know all about itHave no reason to doubt itSomedayI believe someday we'll know all about itSomeday
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