Текст песни Blazon Stone - Blackbeard

Riding the Queen Anne's Revenge, a fierce and ruthless privateer Fuses tied upon the hat, a madman spreading bloody fear By the words of crew he ruled, no tyrant nor an evil beast He was robbing everything in sight, with saber and six guns, known as Blackbeard! One last battle on the seas, when Robert Maynard chased him down Devastating cannon fire, turned the lieutenant's ship to wreck Closing in to fight by sword, a melee in the raging storm The fight was on for not too long before the final breath of captain Blackbeard! Blackbeard – hunted merchants Blackbeard – across the seas Blackbeard – not much fortune Blackbeard – or luck by greed Blackbeard – a battled pirate Blackbeard – he burned for gold Blackbeard – a short adventure Blackbeard – great stories told
Слова и текст песни Blazon Stone - Blackbeard принадлежит его авторам.

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