Текст песни Blue System - Lisa said

Hearts will be broken - oh, one with the sunI fly to a rainbow - where my love begunTears in my eyes, pain in my heartBaby, don't break apartHow can I lose baby what I never had?That's baby one thing that Lisa saidThe end of our love is the end of my lifeOh, baby, will I survive?Oh no, Lisa said: «I'm sorry,I'll sail my ship alone»Lisa said «Don't worry,My heart is not your home»

Lisa said : «I'm crying'Cause I have to go»Oh, Lisa said : «Love is dying»Say it isn't so!Oh, where did you sleep, girl - she can not explainBaby, you hurt me, I have to complainThe better they are oh the harder they fallBaby, I need your callShe dances on the dancefloor, my heart is a messA lonely wide romanceShe never confessJust tell me baby where my dreams flyBaby, don't say «Goodbue!»
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