Текст песни Bo Burnham - Art Is Dead

Art is deadArt is deadArt is deadArt is deadEntertainers like to seem complicatedBut we're not complicatedI can explain it pretty easilyHave you ever been to a birthday party for childrenAnd one of the children won't stop screamingCuz he's just a little attention attractorWhen he grows up to be a comic or actorHe'll be rewarded for never maturingFor never understanding or learningThat every day can't be about himThere's other people, you selfish asshole!I must be psychoticI must be dementedTo think that I'm worthy of all this attentionOf all of this money you worked really hard forI slept in late while you worked at the drug storeMy drug's attentionI am an addictBut I get paid to indulge in my habitIt's all an illusionI'm wearing make upI'm wearing make upMake upMake upArt is dead

So, people think you're funnyHow do we get those people's money?I said art is deadWe're rolling in dough while Carlin rolls in his graveHis graveHis graveThis show has got a budgetThis show has got a budgetAnd all the poor people way more deservingOf the money won't budge itCause I wanted my name in lightsWhen I could have fed a family of fourFor forty fucking fortnightsForty fucking fortnights!I am an artistPlease God, forgive meI am an artistPlease don't revere meI am an artistPlease don't respect meI am an artistFeel free to correct meA self-centered artistSelf-obsessed artistI am an artistI am an artistBut I'm just a kidI'm just a kidI'm just a kid, kidAnd maybe I'll grow out of it

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