Текст песни Bob Dylan - God knows

God knows you ain't pretty God knows it's true God knows there ain't anybody ever gonna take the place of you. God knows it's a struggle God knows it's a crime God knows there gonna be no more water but fire next time. God don't call it treason God don't call it wrong You're supposed to last a season But it's so strong for so long. God knows it's fragile God knows everything God knows it could snap apart right now just like putting scissors to a string. God knows it's terrifying God sees it all unfold There's a million reasons for you to be crying You've been so bold and so cold. God knows you when you see it God knows you've got to weep God knows the secrets of your heart He'll tell them to you when you're asleep. God knows there's a river God knows how to make a flow God knows you ain't gonna be taking nothing with you when you go. God knows there's a purpose God knows there's a chance God knows you can raise above the darkest hour of every circumstance. God knows there's a heaven God knows it's out of sight God knows we can get all the way from here today if we gonna walk a million miles by candlelight.
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