Текст песни Bobby Bare - Marie Laveau

The most famous of the voodoo queensthat ever existedIs Marie Laveau, down in LouisianaThere's a lot of weird ungodly tales about Marie,She's supposed to have a lot of magic potions,spells and curses...Down in Louisiana, where the black trees growLives a voodoo lady named Marie LaveauShe got a black cat's tooth and a Mojo boneAnd anyone who wouldn't leave her aloneShe'd go (greeeeeee) another man done goneShe lives in a swamp in a hollow logWith a one-eyed snake and a three-legged dogShe's got a bent, bony body and stringy hairAnd if she ever seeny'all messing round thereShe'd go (greeeeeee) another man done goneAnd then one night when the moon was blackInto the swamp come handsome JackA no good man like you all knowWhen he was looking around for Marie Laveau

He said Marie Laveau, you lovely witchGive me a little charm that'll make me richGive me a million dollarsand I tell you what I'll doThis very night, I'm gonna marry youThen it'll be (ummmmmmm) another man done goneSo Marie done some magic,and she shook a little sandMade a million dollars and she put it in his handThen she giggled and she wiggled, and she said Hey, HeyI'm getting ready for my wedding dayBut old handsome Jack he said goodbye MarieYou're too damned ugly for a rich man like meThen Marie started mumbling her fangs started gnashingHer body started trembling and her eyes started flashingAnd she went (greeeeeee) another man done gone.So if you ever get downwhere the black trees growAnd meet a voodoo lady named Marie LaveauIf she ever asks you to make her your wifeMan, you better stay with her for the rest of your lifeOr it'll be (oheeeeeee) another man done gone
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