Текст песни Bobby Bare - The mermaid

When I was a lad in a fishing townan old man said to meYou can spend your life, your jolly lifejust sailing on the seaYou can search the world for pretty girlstill your eyes're weak and dimBut don't go swimming with a mermaid son,if you don't know how to swim.'Cause her hair is green as seaweedand her skin is blue and paleAnd I tell you now before you startyou can love that girl with all your heartBut you're just gonna love the upper partyou're not gonna like the tail.So I signed onto a whaling shipand my very first day at seaI seen a mermaid in the waves a reaching out to meCome live with me in the sea said sheand down on the ocean's floorI'll show you a million wonderous thingsyou never seen before.So over I jumped and she pulled me downdown to her seaweed bedAnd the pillow made of tortoise shell

she placed beneath my headShe fed me shrimps and caviar upon a silver dishFrom her head to her waist she was just my tastebut the rest of her was a fish.Her hair was green as seaweedand her skin was blue and paleAnd her face it was a work of artand I loved that girl with all my heartBut I only loved the upper partI did not like the tail.Then one day she swam awayand I sang to the clams and whalesI missed her fins and her seaweed hairand the silvery shine of her scalesThen her sister she swam byand set my heart awhirlCause her upper part was an ugly fishbut the bottom part was a girl.Yeah her toes are pink and rosyand her knees are smooth and paleAnd her legs they are a work of artand I love that girl with all my heartI don't give a damn 'bout the upper partand that's how I end my tale...
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