Текст песни Borealis - Watch The World Collapse

See the smoke reach to the sky Visions of my demise A sight best left unseen I know I'm not awake But the pain I still feel Who am I to say what's real Free fall into paradise, a world of lies, when you Free fall you will see what you cannot be Take these memories when I wake Of the years that have gone by Emotions I can't deny To have lived another life In a world nonexistent How does one live again

When you feel your life is over But you're really just asleep When reality surrounds you Realize it's just a dream Try to leave this dream I'm in These cold hands hold me down Pull me deeper in my mind I feel I'm going to drown I see the world collapse around me Feel the walls cave in The sky is torn, the world is burning I can't escape this hell My sanity has betrayed me This can't be real...
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