Текст песни Boyboy West Coast, The - Bottoms Up

[Intro: ] M-M-M-M-Medic [Verse 1: The Boyboy West Coast] You was at the club (Yeah) Bottoms up when I first met you (Bottoms up) Couldn't get enough (Couldn't get enough) Had to get you straight to my bedroom Drank still in my cup (My cup) Crib is large so you can bring your friends too (Well, bring 'em all!) Pillow full of makeup She so bad, she gon' need her own debut (Yeah) Shawty just like me (She like me) Loves drugs, hates bein' sober (Hate bein' sober) In my psyche (She in my head) In my heart and I didn't even know her Ass you wouldn't believe (You wouldn't believe it!) See you in those jeans, I wanna pull you closer Eyes looking Chinese (She Chinese) She didn't smoke but now she's a stoner (All day) Everything you need (Everything) No, no, no mediocre Young, wild and free (She free) No cuffs, so, no, you can't control her (No cuffs) Body covered in ink (In ink) I can beat it up, or we can just go slower (Slow it down) Baby, come with me (Come with me) I'll give you everything, and it'll never be over Girl, just let me know (Let me know) We can go and fuck up some commas Boyboy West Coast (West Coast) Imagine this comin' from the bottom Actin' like she don't (She don't) Tryna front, we know she wanna (We know) Baby, we can go (We can go), Acapulco to Tijuana [Verse 2: The Boyboy West Coast] We just livin' it up (Live it up!) Having fun, give a fuck what y'all say (Give a fuck) Shawty loves a thug (Yeah) Matching whips as we dippin' down Broadway Sparkin' like a blunt (Spark it up) She dab it up, and I be rollin' up all day (Smoke it up!) No coffee in my mug (No coffee) They be askin' why I lookin' so sloshy When we locked eyes (Locked eyes) Know you were mine, didn't have to ask you Fuck them other guys (Fuck 'em) Give you everything, and we can split this cash too Feelin' like a dream (Like a dream) Tell me what you need and I can make that happen (I do that) Love the ocean breeze (I love it) All aboard, let me be your captain (All aboard!) Mixtape on repeat (It is) When the boy come on, they like, "Who's that rappin'?" House like a retreat (Like a retreat) I come from the hood, no, not the Hamptons Never wanna leave (Never wanna) I give you ecstasy, and a little thug's passion Apostle on my sleeve (On my sleeve) What you like? I got the latest fashion Coolin', watchin' T.V. (Chillin') Blowing clouds, lookin' like a dragon (Dragon) All she want is me (Just me) In silk sheets, no, no, not satin (Silk, man) I think you're the one (The one) Tell me what you want, look at the cost is Can't say that I'm sprung (Can't say it) But if you keep this up, might be my fiance [Outro: The Boyboy West Coast] Ye-heah!
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