Текст песни Brian May - Il Colosso

ACT IChorus:No! To tyrannyHe shall not have his pleasureFor goodness shall prevail!No! To villainy!To save our greatest treasureIn this we cannot...Princess:In this we cannot failKing:My dearest daughterWill no-one save her?Half my Kingdom!Chorus:He offers half his Kingdom!Will no-one dare to...Princess:Save me from the...Chorus:Colossus?Hero:I will!Hero (chorus):Now all the world is waiting (Ho!)A maiden I must save (the world is waiting)No time for hesitatingIf only I were brave (for now is the hour)Yes I was made the hero (Hero!)It's my call - that's my cue! (All eyes on you)It's everything or nothing (Go!)King:Look out! He's coming throughHero:I'll save you princessGiant:PUNY PEASANTS!MOVE OVER!!Chorus:Behold the GiantWe stand our ground defiantGiant:THE PRINCESS SHALL BE MINE!OH YES - SHE WILL BE MINE!Ha Ha Ha - WHO'S NEXT??!Hero:Hey - you up there with the b-beard!Oh I was made of freedomNobody pulls my stringsAnd I can equal any manIn all the grown-up thingsGiant:Wooaarrgh!Hero:Yes I was made of mischiefThey tell me I must learnBut nothing is coincidenceWhichever way I turnAnd I will do or dieFor I know one thing after allThe bigger any giant comesThe harder he may fallPrincess:My hero!He's saved meMy hero-my-hero-my-hero-my-hero-my-hero!Chorus:Hail the heroKing:At last we have a heroChamberlain:Sire I'm told he is only a-a-a peasantChorus:Only a peasantHe's nothing but a peasant!Princess:He's - so daring and handsome and charmingKing:But a peasant - how very alarmingPrincess:He's so clever and brave and heroicKing:But a peasant - they're all Protozoico-y!All together we dance and playWe're bright and gay - a loud Hooray!All together we greet the dayAll:Colossus is no more!All together we celebrateThe very hills reverberateTo the heavens we elevate

The Hero we adoreLadies:All of a sudden the world is rightThe sun is up and shining brightAll of a sudden the birds can singAnd Spring is at the door...King and Princess:All together in harmonyA chorus ring, a symphonyAll together the Angels singThe Giant is no more!!ACT IIPrincess:What are we made of?Hero:Can we know what we will be...Princess:What are the chancesHero:I can find a better pathPrincess:The better lifeBoth:The better me?Chorus:What are we made ofHero:Is it written in the sandPrincess:Where are we sailing?Both:To a strange and distant landTake my hand, sail with meChorus:What are we made of?Princess:If you think you know the answerTurn aroundBoth:Think againKing:CARABONZA!!!Chorus:A fire breathing monsterKing:Alas we are undoneChorus:Hail the General!King (chorus):He'll make his mark indelible!For now the chosen oneHas begun!Stand! for justiceStand! for honourStand! with courage (He will)Stand! with valour (The hero)Chorus:Hail the GeneralKing:We're counting on the General!!!Chorus:For he will dare toKing:He must dare toAll:He must dare to...Chorus:War! War!(Fire! Fire!)Pinocchio:Oh I was made ofSo I was made ofI am made of...?Princess:What are we made of?Just for this momentTake your life into your handsYou'll decide what you are made ofPinocchio:What it is that I can bePrincess:Think againMy friendTurn aroundBoth:Think again
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