Текст песни Brian May - New Horizons (Ultima Thule Mix)

[Intro: Stephen Hawking] The revelations of new horizons may help us to understand better how our Solar System was formed [Chorus 1: Brian May] New horizons to explore New horizons no one's ever seen before [Verse 1: Brian May] Limitless wonders in a never-ending sky We may never, never reach them, that's why we have to try [Chorus 2: Brian May] New horizons to take our breath away New horizons getting closer every day [Verse 2: Brian May] Somewhere in the distance, a wonder will appear One day new horizons will be very, very near That's why we're here [Bridge: Brian May] Tonight the hand of man reaches out To throw light on how life came about Computer is reckoning an all-time high The future is beckoning onward and onward we fly [Chorus 3: Brian May] New horizons: a dream coming true New horizons that will change our point of view [Verse 3: Brian May] The fruits of wishful thinking we taste them for real We're off to new horizons so hold on to the wheel, hey-hey That's how we feel [Chorus 4: Brian May & Stephen Hawking] New horizons every day (New Horizons) New horizons New horizons every day [Outro: Brian May & Stephen Hawking] Alright We explore because we are human, and we want to know
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