Текст песни Bring me the horizon - The Fear That Gave Me Wings

My eyes are shut forNow it seems the only way that I can cope.A glittering example of what we've become.So grab yourself by the wristAnd think about this twiceOne mistake could be the lastAction that you make.Now I'm on m knees,I can feel my spirit leaving me.I chose to promise myselfThat I'd never let you down.To capture this momentWould be the best idea yet.Cowering in the dark.This room is now my friend.I'll stay here and wait it outUntil the pressure ends.I can't wait!!!Everything around me is a test

To see I can last.I don't know if I can. Where's my strength at?I made a promise to myself That I'd always be around.I should capture this moment,Before I let you down.I'm sure that I'll be heard,I've got too much to lose to fly away and leave all of this behind.So capture this moment,Before I forget why I'm here.I'm killing the only person in lifeI thought I knew.The only person left to blameFor this is you!I've got things to sayThat I know you want to hear.I can see through you perfectly clear.
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