Текст песни Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire

Tattooed boys with expensive toys Living in a bubble of sin. Money can buy you most of anything, Fix your nose Or the mess you're in. Front page news, You can share your views With a population that wants to be like you. Out on the strip, Out on the tiles, Same old greed behind the PR smiles. [Chorus]: You and all your entourage, To me you're all the same. You and all your entourage Playing foolish games. I don't want your big city shining, I don't want your silver lining, I don't wanna be a tattooed millionaire. He's got a wife, she ain't no brain child Ex mud queen of Miami. In his stretch Cadillac, he keeps her in the back With his CD player and his bottle of Jack. L.A. dude, L.A. attitude Laid back, selfish and getting fat Body guards, porn stars, gold credit cards Using each other, Running for cover. [Chorus]x2
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