Текст песни bülow - Two punks in love

One, two, three, fourTwo punks in loveYou had my back from day oneWe were so youngYeah, that stuff hit like a truckA loaded gunThat cupid knew what was upAnd now I'm lockedInseparable we've becomeEven though the years go bySeasons change and flowers dieWe're still rocking side by sideI'm still yours and you're still mineYou broke my heart a million timesCan't count the ways I've made you cryOh, we're such a messBut I get depressed at the thought of losing you

We were kids, it's been a whileBut you still work to make me smileA stolen kiss, now I can't waitto waste my life away with youYou, waste my life away with you, youTwo punks in loveGrowing pains from growing upYour dad was drunkYour escape was my houseYours fell apartThey said their love was not enoughBut from the startWe promise, we won't give upTwo punks in loveWith a not so pretty loveNot giving up, not giving up, not giving upTwo punks in love (yeah, yeah)Burning up so pretty lowNot giving up, not giving up, not giving up
Слова и текст песни bülow - Two punks in love принадлежит его авторам.

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