Текст песни Carrie Underwood - Cupid's got a shotgun

Oh he gave up on arrows a long, long time ago Turns out I'm too hard to hit so he put away his bow I might just keep on runnin from here to Timbuktu Cause he gave up on arrows and I ain't bulletproof Yeah Cupid's got a shotgun aiming at my heart I've been dodging bullets, I've been hiding in the dark Shot a double barrel, trigger happy as could be Cupid's got a shotgun and he's pointing it at me He's sitting in that treestand and his wings are camouflage

I'm dug down in my foxhole waiting on his next barrage Must be open season, got a target on my back Think he's throwing love grenades and I'm under attack Well he's got me in his sights, I've got a red dot on my chest But little does he know I strapped on my Kevlar vest I pulled out my Remington and I loaded up these shells He's about to find out I'm a dang good shot myself Yeah Cupid's got a shotgun But right now he's running from me, wooh
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