Текст песни Cavetown - Poison

**Ease your breath, Untie my hands Release my neck, If you can You don’t have to be like that** Don’t be afraid, There’s nothing strange ***It’s not a trap*** ****But there’s cars coming closer And I think they’re trying to run me over Poisoning my food And putting drugs inside my water There’s ghosts in my house And I can taste blood in my mouth****

*****Don’t be afraid, I’m not insane Just irrational, but isn’t that the same?***** * "About paranoia." - (from cavetown’s bandcamp) ** This song almost seems like two different voices talking to eachother, this voice in this verse trying to calm the other down, knowing that the other voice is vulnerable and susceptible to paranoia: "Release my neck, if you can", and then the thoughts begin to escalate and all the paranoia pours out, the second voice repeating the words of "Don’t be afraid". There’s a lot of conflict in this short song, likely conflict within yourself. *** This lyric relates to the central idea of the song- paranoia. Cavetown is telling himself that it’s not a trap to ease the paranoia in his mind that’s trying to hold him back. **** These lyrics all focus on different thinks that Robbie worries about/is paranoid about. Even things that don’t seem realistically possible scare him. ***** He’s telling himself not to fear, that he’s normal, okay. He’s trying to tell himself that his fears and paranoia are irrational but it doesn’t stop how he feels.

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