Текст песни Charles Aznavour - Happy Anniversary*

I've been ready for hours and I'm wearing my bestOrdered champagne and flowers and you're not even dressedTonight's a special night to remember with prideThese twenty happy years since you became my brideIt is all too absurd, you're so cross and abruptBut I don't say a word or you're bound to eruptYour peculiar moods I've experienced beforeSo I'll pour another drink and quietly pace the floor It's a quarter to eight as we fretfully waitFor your little black dress that was promised by sixIs it just rotten luck when we're doing the townThat the fates should conspire to let us mortals downI have seats for a show and it's opening nightMy shoes do not fit me and my suit is too tightAnd you sit there and curse, an occasional curseAnd I've got a headache that's quickly getting worseHappy anniversary, happy anniversaryThey deliver your frock but you're still in distress

It was past nine o'clock when I helped you to dressI tried to do you up but it wasn't my dayFor then to fill my cup your zipper stuck half wayI got all in a sweat, over anxious and vexedWill I ever forget the thing that happened nextYour dress just came apart with one terrible tearYour disappointed cries were more than I could bearAt eleven at last when we got into townWe arrived at the show but the curtain was downI suggested a bite. No, no you wanted to walkYou had no appetite and no desire to talkSo we strolled for an hour and the evening was sweetAnd I bought you a flower from a man in the streetAnd we kissed on the sidewalk without reason or rhymeAnd we knew that our love is much stronger than timeHappy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary* – Англоязычная версия композиции Bon Anniversaire в оригинальном исполнении Charles Aznavour
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