Текст песни Charles Aznavour - The Times We've Known*

The times we've known are slipping byLike vapour trails across the skyThe best of times, the worst of timesHave come and goneThe years of debt, the years of doubtThe years of 'what's it all about?'Of holding fast, and holding outAnd holding onWhen life was hard and chances fewStill I was rich in having youThough people said we wouldn't go farWe went ahead and here we areTogether still through everythingTogether still rememberingThe times we've known Sometimes the years were lush and green

Sometimes we lived on hope aloneA little bit of both have beenThe times we've knownSome lucky flings, some rotten breaksSome funny things, a few mistakesThe dreams that every dreamer takesAnd makes his ownThe time to laugh, a time to cryA time to let the world go byAnd if there were some tears to payNo one can take those years awayOn fragile wings our days have flownStill we have things to call our ownThe times we've knownThe times we've known* – Англоязычная версия композиции Les Bons Moments в оригинальном исполнении Charles Aznavour
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