Текст песни Chelsea Wolfe - Offering

Holy life that you liken to nothing Bursts at the seams All the while stem the tide I have seen it in my dreams Here a fount in the desert It was more than I could be Human life as a lesson You will see the mess of me Hear it there Feel it swarming underneath Oh when love came for me The blue and salton sea A thousand lives lived in circles A planet burning at the seams Skeletal sand as a lesson That became an offering

River nigh, river light Sent us burning out to sea Holy love, if you let it Never wanted it to be You and I, you a lesson But never offered it to me Human life gone wild It was not enough for me You and I, you and I Won’t grow You and I, in our wild Won’t listen It was rife, it was rife With unholy offerings It was rife, it was rife With the flowers of deceit
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