Текст песни Chelsea Wolfe - Spun

I lift my eyes, I slow my gait And I never wanna see you again You leave me restless, you leave me hung You leave me coiled, you leave me Spun, spun, spun Awaken in a tangle of wire I slept desperate, trying to reach you You leave me reckless, you leave me sick I destroy myself and then I want it again Spun, spun, spun, spun Spun, spun, spun Heavy love Coiled and spun A brute, an angel, and a madwoman A most elegant impediment Was there from the start Waiting and repeating within me Waiting and repeating My problem is their downthrow and upheaval And my enquiry is as to their working And my effort is their self-expression But I was only rock, dust, water, and ice And animal instincts all along The hyperosmia and the base sense The prodrome and the aura The shadows and the sleep deprivation The trichomes and the deliriants Cut through the fear conditioning To finally understand It was all and everything or nothing And all and everything or nothing And all and everything or nothing [8x]
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