Текст песни Clench Your Fist - Betrayer

Raise the stakes, the fight is on
I said it times before
This could be settled but it turned into war

You judge everything you don't understand
Thought you'd grow out of it
But it got out of hand
I always looked the other way for you
But when you got the chance
You judged me too

What's up, motherfucker
Can you see it now?
Quit your fake shit
You just don't get it

You're a betrayer
Fucking betrayer
Fucking betrayer

Like a coward you run
Like a rat you infest
I used to give a fuck
But you're just like the rest

You're the filth, you're the shit
You're the scum, you're a snake
You're a worm, you're an ache
No one likes a fake

Don't be upset when you end up in a ditch
Should have seen it coming cause life's a bitch
Your selfish love turned into hate
Day after day made me suffocate

What's up, motherfuckers

Do you see me now?
We hunt you down like wolves
Underdog, ah yeah
Selfish motherfuckers
With no sign of love
Clench your fucking fist

You'll judge till your dead
Cause there's nothing in your head
You probably still don't get it
You'll never see harm in what you did
You deserve no more attention
No more affection
Not a shot at redemption

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