Текст песни Coil - Blood from the Air

A sleeping explorerhis wandering mindcrossed over the bordera mind like a cemeterywhere the corpsesare turningwhere the bodiestwist deepin the frozen gripof a dreamless sleepthen the lowestcomes uplike a wreckfrom the depths.He hears night callingand has dreamsof wakinghere in this brightnessthat burns likeslow lighteninghe sees wordsburnt in ice reads, "The world is a woundIn a body of Christ".Effects of the animal -Animal sound effects

He says, "Deathhe is my friendHe promised mea quick end".Says, "The world is in painand should beput downand God is a sadistand that he knows it".The depths of the night skyreflects in his eyeHe says,"Everything changesAnd everyone dies".And the nightslits her veinsand the darkness drainsand the void rumbles in Like an underground train...Forever comes closerthe world is in painwe all must be shownwe must realisethat everyone changesand everything dies.
Слова и текст песни Coil - Blood from the Air принадлежит его авторам.

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