Текст песни Colby O'donis - Under My Nose

First kiss when I touched your lips I admit I was nervous babyMy friend the only one That I could share my heart with, babyWe rushed too fast into thisOnly in time will tell'Cause we don't know If love will affect our friendship It's a risk thoughIt's a risk that I wanna take 'Cause baby you knowThat I'll never leave your side 'Cause girl I've realized that[Chorus:]You've been under my nose, my noseAfter everything that we've been throughYou've been under my nose, my noseI can't believe I overlooked youRight under my nose my noseWhy am I out here steady searchin'

For something that's been here all along?It was like I was plannin' for goldWhen I had a diamond just waiting at homeIt took forever to see that you were match for meI never saw this coming, no (I love you baby)I can't stop it's not exactly the truthI've always been attracted to youBut I didn't wanna ruin what we hadThought of losin' you it made me sadWe rushed too fast into this Only in time will tell[Chorus:2x]Did you ever think that I would beSo dear to your heart and especially?Because we know this last forever, eh[Chorus:2x]Girl you know that you are mine, oohh
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