Текст песни Coldplay - Birds

Been standing in the cornerStudying the lightsThe dreaming of escapeWill keep you up at nightBut someone had put the flare upGot me in raysSo... I guess I better stay"Uh uh, no come on!" you sayIt's a fools gold thunderIt's just warning rainDon't let the fears just start, what ifI won't see you againAround here you never want toSleep all nightSo start falling in love,Start the riotAnd come on rage with meWe don't need wordsWe'll be birdsGot to make our own keyOnly got this moment

You and meGuilty of nothingBut geographyCome on and raise itCome on raise this noiseFor the million peopleWho got not one voiceCome on, it's not over!If you mean it say loudCome on, all for loveOut from the undergroundAway with meWe don't need wordsClose your eyes and seeWe'll be birdsFlying freeHolding on in the mysteryFearless through this you saidWe'll goThrough this together (ooohh)When you fly won't youWon't you take me too?In this world so cruelI think you're so cool
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