Текст песни Coolio - Can-o-corn

Back in the days when I was a young buck Stuck like a truck gettin shit outta luck Times was rough and I didn't have a plan I was barely on the edge of my life as a man It's really fucked up when there's dope in the crib No food in the kitchen for the motherfuckin kids That's why a young nigga learned how to steal,see Shoplifting made me a whole lotta meals But I remember days when the cupboard was bare and Life was unfair but who the fuck cares? I still hear Momma,what she used to tell me That you don't get shit in this life for free And even if I never ever make it to the mountain top Fuck it! I fight for my hip-hop Not everybody can relate to what I been through Even though some front and they try to pretend to Know about the life of a kid and the strife Where he has to live in the shadow of a base-pipe Good goes to bad, bad goes to worse And pretty soon he's stealin from his own Momma's purse So clean out ya ears and open up your eyes I reach out to touch but somebody moved the sky My stomach is growlin, word is born Cos all I had for dinner was a can-o-corn A can-o-corn, a can-o-corn All I had for dinner was a can-o-corn A can-o-corn, a can-o-corn Before I went to school I had a can-o-corn A can-o-corn, a can-o-corn I tried to get full off a can-o-corn A can-o-corn, a can-o-corn That's all the fuck that we had in the kitchen A few years later, I pledge allegiance to the set I'm growin up but I ain't grown yet It's funny how the strain in a life filled with pain Can sometimes leave a bitch stained on the brain I'm sittin in the restaurant, guardin my food like a eagle Pickin up scraps like a seagull Waitin on the people at the next table to leave a tip So I can put it in my pocket Phoney Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the stork We was poor as fuck so we ate a lot of pork And it ain't no motherfuckin way no how When it come up I let you bring me down So I stick to the boots and I'm down with a MAAD group Of gangstas and hoodlums,but you can call em 'scroops' Give me liberty or give me death Cos a man without pride ain't got shit left, huh And now that I'm older with kids of my own I put me in the pot where it used to be a bone Get'cha self together, word is born Cos a man can't live on a can-o-corn
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