Текст песни Cows - By The Throat

He was born a fuck-up Ever since he popped out feet first A pink and ugly little bastard, Momma's breast dried up in horror and revolt Though momma didn't want him Poppa just plain didn't like him How he hated that fat asshole A man like that could never satisfied his soul He had to blow Yes, sir So he hit the road Explored artistic inclinations

Read the works of all the masters Met a bunch of friends who told him what to know It was just so Of course he got it wrong Spent all his time Pissing down rat-holes Until life snuck up behind him It reached right out and grabbed him by the throat Grabbed him by the throat He ended up working At his father's filling station He pumped the gas, he pumped his girl He pumped away at all the lies he swallowed whole And now he's old
Слова и текст песни Cows - By The Throat принадлежит его авторам.

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