Текст песни Cows - The New Girl

There goes Roberta, she's the new girl Cocktail waitress at the Blue Bird She's going to art school on her dad's dough She's not exactly a genius That's all right though She moved here from the country with her boyfriend I sat and figured my chances as I nodded my head I sat and listened all day about him She said he was the first one who never used her That he took her places, he amused her I said, "He sounds like a nice guy", then I kissed her She kissed me back and then she whispered That though she's not like this, maybe sometime We'll get together just this one time

The next morning she said that she had never met anyone like me She's the new girl But she had to tell him, and he threw her out I lost track of her, then she left town When she gets my recorder I act like I'm not home She says she's doing just fine Still trying to forget me I just turn up the TV Why let it upset me She's the new girl How can she know that she'll meet more And that they'll all be like me That there's more, so many more And they'll all be like...
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