Текст песни Cradle of Filth - To Eve the Art of Witchcraft

Crawl in awful stealth to me Forever a voyeur I've been Nocturnal Goddess of the Moon So she comes, unseen Thus (Uzza and Azel) speak The burning seed, in thrust in Eve And keeps me, captive of desire Make me as a flower that grows Forever in your throne That I might pollinate the world With darkness as your own Embrace me in spellbinding eyes The fire of life that never dies Tear deeper through my paper wounds And never leave inside Love shall consume and bathe the lady Whom I worship and ride thereon She will greet me as a serpent In her dark, secret Eden And I will always want For her witchcraft is Desire... (Desire....) Desire... My soul is poisoned from within... My soul is poisoned from within... My soul is poisoned... I crawl with languid guilt to thee Forever flushed in sin Lamia, latria I give My soul is poisoned from within Wisdom breeds, fecundity And her cunt she feeds, to fulfill her desire To Eve I cum... Sevenfold my passion wrought To ransack Eden, and to taste the whore I cling beyond her sabled court She is a gateway, to that darkness lost I am the gentle stream That trickles through the summer glades Of ever green peace There we will drink my sleep, and dream.... I am the bleeding sky The snatching wind of war Blowing through the savage garden My crown is fire, the erotic sinews of lust Like strings to be pulled, and cut I will make my puppets dance The men will bow down before me To take my flesh as some lucid thoughts Of dark, unbridled love I am all these things and more Thus I await you, nemesis of restraint The code of life, and the bride of evil itself (Now dream...) Oh, the fevered need for her When greed and lust are sharpened in that one desire The all-consuming fire Reveal to me your mysteries, Witch The tree is plundered but I have the seed To be sown in thee
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