Текст песни Cruachan - Born for War (The Rise of Brian Boru)

From Limerick the Vikings came To the village of the Dal gCais To rape to pillage and to maim With Viking sword and Viking axe. So many lives were lost during this Viking raid Brian's father fought heroically but fell to a Viking blade A seed of hatred was planted, the promise of vengeance was strong "To the Northern invaders of Ireland, leave now! you do not belong" Brian's brothers were not convinced They sued for peace at any cost And formed a pact with Ivar of Limerick This pact was flawed and would not last. In the year of our lord – Nine hundred and Sixty Eight Brian led a raiding party to King Ivar's fortress gate Then fled towards a forest, Limerick Vikings took the bait They left the safety of Limerick, they could not foresee their fate. Three hundred Dal gCais warriors Faced six hundred Viking men On the hillside known as Sulcoit Viking blood would flow again. Brian's men were ready to unleash a surprise attack The Vikings were caught off guard, they desperately tried to fall bad The tangled forest confused them, their wall of shields did fail A single Viking warrior was no match for a single Gael! The fighting started late And lasted through the night The Dal gCais were victorious They killed Vikings with such spite! Brian then went and sacked Limerick Though little fighting would ensue The Dal gCais warriors were relentless Behold the rise of Brian Boru!
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