Текст песни Cruachan - Perversion, Corruption And Sanctity

An evil in our midst that pervades our modern lives An arbitrary congregation of the lowest form of man Governed by a doctrine almost two thousand years old Allowed to fester in our world for far too long! So many times we hear the stories of their sick and vile crimes The rape of innocent children, the destruction of their minds Several decades of abuse have been carried out by some The pleasant parish priest, the abhorrent raping scum! And from the Vatican – silence, they turn a blind eye No condemnation of crimes, accusations they deny! It's time to make a change, time to call them to account This corruption can't continue, we have to flush them out. Our children they are sacred, more so than this church That needs to disappear, to die out and withdraw But not before we try them and make them recompense Do unto others as they would unto you, And to the leaders of our nations that allow this cancer spread Who carried out no trials or looked away as the priests fled You are just as guilty of this sodomy of innocents Shame on you to let it happen, you should be put to death. Deliver us from evil so that we may find respite Grant us peace and let our children see a world that is forthright Let them be free forever from these sick and aging men And guarantee this ancient cult will never rise again!
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