Текст песни Czesław Śpiewa - Caravan

We Love You So! Have a dance child, Let us spin you around, Take a chance you wild, There is room enough For both of us. Room enough in this town. This wishing well Makes it spin so well, White cross on red And the church bells. Can you hear them, Can you hear them? Cause we just can't. We made our choise Will you please go back home again? The road is long, long, enough to find a new friend. It's not because, it's just because You made me remember who I really was. Hey now watch us fall. There is no turning back, this is why we Make a Child Day a Little Bit Brighter! This thing is a story I once sold And I want you to know... Your life will unfold With Grace, You must know child: This was Gold Untold. Dziś idziemy na paradę, Bo parada - dupcia blada. A my chcemy kolorowych Chłopców, dziewcząt, Pomysłów nowych. [x2] Jump on the Caravan! Let's find someone to blame. Bananas on the floor and Things will never ever be the same. [x11]
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