Текст песни Daddy2live - SSS (Super Saiyan Satan)

Greetings from an acid alien
Ain't shit you can say to him
Cept for you greatest new rapper alive
Spirits have finally taken him
Ghosts of the greats have invaded him
No wonder everyone hated him
You know the man was on Fire
Why in the fuck would you play with him

I'm so invader zim
Uh yea
They underrated him
Uh yea
Bitches they played
Slept on my wave
Now watch as I kahmeahmeah them
Before I fuck her imma eata
After I fuck i don't need her
Smokin a fusion of strains
I gotta blunt of gogeta
Niggas so envious mane
I call these niggas vegeta
Yo wife could give me the brain
Still wouldn't give you a feature
I swear that yo nigga a stain
That's why he stuck in the bleachers
I sent yo bitch in the bank
You won't get a cut either
Dummy you cuffing a cheater
Imma just fuck her and leave her
They wanna plot on my grave
Bitch I ain't ducking it either
That was your gravest mistake
They in the cut I'm the either
Look close and peep demeanor
They in the cult I'm the leader

I don't wanna go to jail
I would rather go to hell

Uh yea
I spoke to Bruno already
I ain't got a soul to sell
Uh yea
I guess I'll try it my self
I guess I'll buy em myself
Uh yea
Why make a deal with the devil
When I could sign to myself

Told the hoe keep her soul
Sell yourself for my bail
Dipped out and made bail
James bonded my self
Uh yea
Sorry your honor
Fuck bout your honor
I Only honor my self
I know that all dogs go to heaven
But Even goku went to hell

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