Текст песни Dark Tranquillity - FreeCard

Set against these hardest hours,Anger paled for in this fear.The theft of privacy;We all see it break sometimes.See it tear us apart.That which left behindScreams out loud this night.So much is asked in silence;Expect now and you'll find.Thousand milesFrom the nearest truth.Rotating, EntangledI continue not to heal.Another No-NightWaits its turn.So I call uponMy freecardTo postpone.If time were one with many faces,Which one would call to me?Where all our paths in one now end

That with the power to gather the mislead.Now will lead them all astray;So push it ever furtherTo unsuspecting dark.Build that second layerFor the hours to take fast.A rest from the givingLike a heart between beats.Greater than the need for community;The need for the right solitude.Come to knowThat outrage is inevitable.Though many try, an escape is unsuccessfulIn the midst of a nerve night.The victim of soulkill;True self is mere torture;Death rides these nerves.Another No-NightWaits its turn.So I call uponMy freecardTo postpone.
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