Текст песни Darkseed - Endless Night

Living a life without lightI found my endless nightEvil, when will you lose your wings?I bathe in glowing coalsI live my saddest hourHiding my joy, no escape, iron cagesAnger for I know all is lostIt's my night, endless nightBut I'm not falling'Cause I stand proud until the endWhen lights descend,And smiling is no moreIn my own endless night

Peace ends at the momentWhere self-longing beginsPain is running straight down my shouldersBreak-up, fires igniteWe burn, will be goneWe are imprisoned in halls of shameThis lonesome place keeps me inviolateBeautiful rain pouring from broken skiesTreetops bending down with a sigh.This is an endless nightHope for relief is goneYou wear a gloomy shroudHiding the sinning world...
Слова и текст песни Darkseed - Endless Night принадлежит его авторам.

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