Текст песни David Guetta - Bang My Head (Remix)

[Sia:]Haven't seen a light so longThought I lost my fightCouldn't find my way back homeAnd I found daylight stepping out of meI was bound and tiredWaiting for daylightBang my head against the wallThough I feel light-headed, now I know I will not fallI will rise above it allFound what I was searching forThough I feel light headedI should have failed, and nailed the floorInstead I rose above it allBang my head against the wallInstead I rose above it allBang my head against the wall[Fetty Wap:]Zoovier, 1738!I been climbin' up the wall, goin' through it all, baby!It's so hard to live your life when you gave it up, baby,For the fans and the cameras,

Different places, adventures,And the stress that it brings, start to wonder if it's worth it.I live life like it's perfect,My children are smilin' and that makes me happy,‘Cause how I was livin', I swear it had meBouncin' my head off the wall,I am too far up, I cannot fall,Havin' fun, I don't know about y'all.It's Zoovier from Zoo Gang, I'm the boss,For my kids, give my life with no thought.[Sia:]Bang your head against the wallYou may feel light-headedBut you won't crawl, no, you won't fallYou will rise above it allYou'll find what you're searching forAnd you may feel light headedYou think you're gonna hit the floorInstead you rise above it allBang your head against the wallInstead you rise above it allBang my head against the wall [×3] Instead I rise above it all
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