Текст песни Daybreak - Repulse

Violence controlling all that I am. Do it, go. You don't belong here. Demand what you don't deserve. No one owes you shit. I filled my body with hate. No one knew that I meant it. You die alone in the end. Some people just can't accept it. Dead bodies hanging from the ceiling. It's a statement that your life has no meaning. We all want you dead. You can cry for help but nobody cares. Im not a lunatic, just a fucking realist. Strung up by their feet, gutted like a fucking pig. I would bury them if they were worth it. Instead I'll torch their corpse and kill some more to do it all again. Annihilation of the swine. Global genocide. Psychotic state of mind. Malice amplified. Pessimistic way of life. Destined sacrifice. Dirty fucking creatures die. Infections, parasites. I can see that you're scared and afraid by the colours in your eyes. Forced to live in a world thats consumed and decayed by the filth you left behind. Ignore the warning signs. Presence within my mind. An addiction for killing is crawling up my spine. The violence takes over everything. Violence.
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