Текст песни Deathstars - Arclight

It ticks fast - Tick tack doom Lithium fills this whole room It's flooded there in front of us It's close to us Let it fight -- Win win loss A prostitute for the thrust A starlet yearns for death and lust She is one of us (Three) I will never (Two) Never forgive (One) I will never (Zero) Never ever forgive Arclight Arclight And the living will see Arclight Arclight How their death will be Look at the past - It's tip top black A burnt life behind your own back It will never let you go there alone It's your flesh and bone Here it comes - Take it - Bang! Stuck with your neck in it's fangs It's a copy of human dust It's sure one with us All the lives I have lived Will die now And the stars lost their grace It's sulphur mixed with rain Dig down your heart... Dig down your heart in this soil Dig it down next to me Feed the flames so the serpents uncoil And let the arclight free
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