Текст песни Deathstars - Motherzone

Oh, human doll - you know I am the oneNow, broken doll... Now all ethic's goneBecause I'm the shelter and the knife,The infernal tramp and the liesAnd I'm inside you deepThe greatest tear when you weep...The virus in your heart...And this is how my name will shineAnd shine againAbove you child...Alight and scarredI'll leave you alone in this placeEnter this worldI am the oneThis is homeI am the motherzoneEnter this world

I am the oneReturn homeTo the bodyOf the motherzoneGet in line, kids - you know I am the oneOh, walk away with me...Dead daughter and sonWell, I'm the source and the fieldThe shiny scythe that you wieldAnd I'll be the drug in your blood,The first wave of that flood...The D in Darkness...Come to me now, little child!Motherzone, motherzone, motherzoneCome to me, you're the first in line!Motherzone, motherzone, motherzoneCome to me...Lick me dry
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