Текст песни Deathstars - Opium

Can you see them comingFrom the valleys and hillsThey finally got youCan you see them staringAs the rain hits your palmsThey are here to gut youCan you here them speak your nameThey shout it outSo the storm can come throughCan you hear them celebrateThat they found youTheir knives will slip throughI know... I know... That you can...ZeitgeistWow wow - Darkness kingsized!ZeitgeistOpiumZeitgeistWow wow - The end of our lives!ZeitgeistOpiumCan you feel them closing in.The sky has exploded

From powers unseenCan you feel your struggleAs the dark turns to whiteThe whitest you've seenCan you think ofWhy they are hereTo carve your lungs outWith their little toysCan you think of whyYou were playing on the darksideAs you end in sharp noiseI know... I know... That you can!They count your stepsThey count your heartbeatsThey count the secondsThat are carved in bloodAnd you give in for the worldThat I show you tonightBecause the shadows strike hardIn the ballrooms of your mindOpiumAnd now the devils play their cardsIn the graveyard of your timeOpium
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