Текст песни Deathstars - Opium

Can you see them coming From the valleys and hills They finally got you Can you see them staring As the rain hits your palms They are here to gut you Can you here them speak your name They shout it out So the storm can come through Can you hear them celebrate That they found you Their knives will slip through I know... I know... That you can... Zeitgeist Wow wow - Darkness kingsized! Zeitgeist Opium Zeitgeist Wow wow - The end of our lives! Zeitgeist Opium Can you feel them closing in. The sky has exploded From powers unseen Can you feel your struggle As the dark turns to white The whitest you've seen Can you think of Why they are here To carve your lungs out With their little toys Can you think of why You were playing on the darkside As you end in sharp noise I know... I know... That you can! They count your steps They count your heartbeats They count the seconds That are carved in blood And you give in for the world That I show you tonight Because the shadows strike hard In the ballrooms of your mind Opium And now the devils play their cards In the graveyard of your time Opium
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