Текст песни Deathstars - The greatest fight on Earth

Absorb all their fears, collect all their mindsWe'll be the snakes wherever they'll playAnd we'll be the demons wherever they'll pray...It' will be the greatest fight on earthSnatch the wings of a flySpit on them and nail them to my spineSay "little insect now fly away"But I'll be the demon in every psalm you prayThe disease, the love, the claws, the bloodThe empty clinics of savaged heartsThe rusty nails in lidless eyes...And the skin won't ever be cleansed from the dirtCome hereNow come here

Let me smell your fearsCry hereNow cry hereLet me enjoy your tearsLick the wet segments of a wormTaste it nowAnd let it wriggle down your throatMothers scream"Little children now run away"But I'll be the snake wherever they'll playCommence the exterminationTo weaken their willsUncover their hearts free the insectsAnd let them lead the way
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