Текст песни Deine Lakaien - The Pope

The pope was in a splendid moodon a pretty day,Gave his benediction to his servants,«The more you suffer in life,The more you will be elevatedIn eternity, in eternity, in eternity, in eternity...»«Hey there, bring me the infidels!Bring me the heathens!On such a pretty day, the fires will grow high.

Their bodies may turn to ashes,But their souls will burn from nowTo eternity, to eternity, to eternity, to eternity...»The pope left his throneto watch the spectacle.Unfortunately stumbled on his robe.As his head crashed into the marble.The colours vanished, and darkness gave himThe final answer:«No eternity! No eternity! No eternity! No eternity!»
Слова и текст песни Deine Lakaien - The Pope принадлежит его авторам.

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