Текст песни DeJ Loaf - You Don't Know Me

[Intro] I'm from down by the way I'm from down by the way I'm from down by the way I'm down by the way Down by the way [Verse 1] I'm from down by the way Where the too much sun is great I'm from, down by the river That's Jefferson, free my niggas I'm from Mack Avenue From the concrete, who knew that I would grew Bro, what you gross? You still doin' the same shit or gettin' dough? Whoa, I can't help myself I always wanted better for myself And I never wanted niggas in my business Cause niggas pussy and they gossip like women I ain't got time, for pictures I hate interviews they ask the same questions Sometimes I close my eyes, and just be thinkin' Dej you good, you ain't got no competition You in your own lane you got everything they missing That's why they bitter, don't even trip, them niggas tripping They tryin' to throw you off your square so pay attention This game shady you done did a song with Em, shit I never started anything I can't finish And people ain't who i thought they was For free or a small, small ticket No juice I'll get the drop from cuz What they want from us? I been waitin' for my spark back Just last year I was workin' in a hardhat I know I got a hard head, I know I got a soft ass I'm tougher than these pussy niggas, gone with your soft ass They sayin' I ain't got bars, how? I drink Hen, I go hard I be hopping bar to bar, switching whips car to car Iv'e been breakin' niggas heart, I ain't tryin' to brag about it You a dog, ok cool just don't be mad about it I just had a heart to heart, with my heart I'm hurt about it Streets is watching, and they talking, and I know you heard about it Sell what? I can make, I can make a bargain offer He a target, we'll catch the pussy while he target shopping I smile, I laugh, I cry, I'm human Bein' broke wasn't funny I ain't never find humor in it Fuck love, I'm just trying to dodge that cupid nigga I ain't tryin' hard, I can't help I look cute to niggas I'm the truth to niggas, I don't force it, I embrace it, I enforce it Don't fold, crispy always kept my forces When you a boss you have choices, fuck voices And opinions, get loaded, nigga keep winning I ain't grinning, I ain't smirking, do it if it's worth it All these Brenda's having babies Pac, they ain't listen Yeah, it's the same difference, I ain't to proud of it So, I beg to differ Keep a bucket on my head like I'm going fishing I'm going up, this shit crazy I'm on a tour with Nicki To win in this shit you gotta be consistent You can't let 'em [?] dog, you doberman pinscher Let's be real, listen You don't love me so don't say it, might get real offended Fuck the law, fuck the legislation I've been havin' dreams lately got me feelin' like I'm in a maze Man this shit's amazing, you different relocated I just don't give a fuck taking things into consideration No intermissions for you misery, you bitches crazy Man, I swear you bitches crazy Counting bagels at my kitchen table I need some horses out back now that I'm stable Whoa, I'm so awake, I'm so awake Too far ahead should've been born in the eighties
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