Текст песни Derdian - Incitement

Blood and fire rage forever It's essential for true battle Furious war. Our swords of steel prevails Evil oh oh Master of these tales Warriors are meeting up and They are talking 'bout the war Cruelty and atrocity reward Our Lord announces that Federland is in rivolt Bloody sneer appear upon our faces We will rush ourselves into the war Neverending fight:our reward You're rebellion we'll annihilate Your behaviour soon will meet its fate RUN AND KILL THEIR LORD WE WILL CRASH THEIR BONES MIGHTY WARRIORS HOLD THEIR HEADS UP HIGH ISLAND'S KING LIES THERE HE'S DEAD AND YOUR FEAR WILL BE OUR VICTORY! Wake up my disciples We must go to Federland Tell me that you're ready for the war! Want you see evil and pain Vassal, bring here swords and chains! They will pay for their offence tonight Master's words will bring us satisfaction Castle's walls will tremble for our screams Black profiles brandish pointed spears Red and Yellow eyes grin in the dark Now let's take our ships, guys! Let's go to destroy Federland Retaliation comes from the sky Let's bridle our horses Wanna see hate in your eyes Lower the draw bridge 'cause we must go HEROES!!!
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