Текст песни Дима Билан - Changes

Isn't it a thing that you've said? Isn't it s thing that you've done? Isn't it a thing that I think we could overcome? It's not even a fight we could blame Lover that I could name It's harder to take when things ain't so quietly. Slowly they start, cracks in your heart. Till all you know is drifting apart. Chorus: I'm going through changes. All the things I've had r new That I wanna him with u feel wrong. And u know what's strangest? I think u feel the same Don't let guilt make u stay, it's OK! Cause everything changes, changes, changes. There is nothing in the past I regret Knowing than I'm man enough for it I will never want to forget these memories I'm looking for somebody else I'm trying to find myself Its been nice for so long Who did I used to be This is a role I don't want to play Try to find a way I can see. Chorus. If we listened to ourselves We'd know it's time for something new to start Cause I heart
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