Текст песни Disturbed - This Moment*

You will remember this momentAs you dig into meAnd from your smile nowIt seems as if you liked itYou'd better cherish this momentAs you dig into meYou'll never get another chance at thisI won't stand another minuteOf your questioning meYou hear me, bitch, stopThe interrogations overI can't handle the feelingOf your pestering meHow would you likeTo meet my favorite fistNo you can't renegeI love to see you begDream this moment as you run awayYou will only separate me fromAll I believe, this momentIn brutalityYou're the one who kept on pushingTill I made you bleedIt seems your pride has been stolen

Since you stood up to meI'll tell you now you know I think IReally like itSo learn a lesson from someoneWho will never repeat the manyTragic mistakes of his pastI hope you savor this momentAs you're still on your feetSo keep it quiet nowI think you're gonna like itWords have consequences whenThey're spoken to meBetter be careful when you're writing checksDon't you question howI stand above youNow you know the answerSave yourself from dangerI cannot forget how all of this beganI know you know the answersSave yourself from dangerBeaten by a strangerBlood still on his hands* OST Transformers (саундтрек к фильму "Трансформеры")
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